At RP-Detailing will give your car professional care and it will be treated as if it is my own!

  • If your looking for a professional detailer that pays attention to your cars every need... holla at your boy!
  • If you need for your car to be picked up or to schedule an appointment... holla at your boy!
  • If you just want an estimate for a particular service or treatment... holla at your boy!

We offer every custom service to keep your exterior shining bright like a diamond and you interior smelling fresh and new!

3609 Old Capitol Trail, Suite D-4. Wilmington, DE. 19808




Quick Price Listing


Additional Services

Excessive Tar Removal $10 & up
Excessive Pet Hair Removal $30 & up
Excessive Rim/Wheel Cleaning $10 & up
Removal of heavy stains $15 & up
Removal of heavy oxidation $50 & up
Removal of tree sap $15 & up
Apply leather protector to interior $30 & up
Decal and sticker removal $15 & up
Paint Sealant any cars, mini vans, mini trucks $25.00
Paint Sealant SUV's $30.00

***All prices subject to change without notice


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